Anyone involved in web design has to have two approaches. First, they must know what they need to accomplish with the web design. Then they must know how to avoid the common web design mistakes that can end up being costly ones in more ways than one. This is applicable to the business owner who is going to take on their own web design, as well as the professional web designer.

Owner Web Design Mistakes

We live in a “do it yourself” world which is leading many business owners promoting a business online to take on the task of web design. They are tempted with all the free or low-cost resources that are available to them online. In reference to hosting sites for example that offer the tools for web design and building, or for platforms like WordPress that allow for the use of design templates that are generic for basic use and can be customized by more savvy business owners who have some technical knowledge that comes with web design.

The mistake that can be made here is settling for the basics and minimal requirement for web design. Quite often these resources are not able to keep up with the growth that will occur with the site over time, and visitor experience can end up suffering. A good approach may be to spend the extra time and money right from the beginning and rely on professionals for the web design needs.

Professional Web Design Mistakes

The most common web design mistakes are often made by the newcomer to this industry. Individuals that have received all of their formal training and are anxious to get their business going. They will often take on more than they can handle and this can lead to some serious mistakes such as;

  • Not having enough experience for the web design being required
  • Not realizing that there are often strict deadlines that come with these projects.
  • Not being able to handle the criticism that often comes from clients who do not have a true understanding of how web design works.
  • Not be being able to handle the frustrations that will come when clients are constantly changing their minds about their initial instructions.

If these concerns are not addressed right from the start of the web design business then they can affect the branding of the designers business and interfere with their reputation. Referrals play an important role in building a web design business and mistakes can hinder this.