So its 2019, and news has probably reached your desk that every business worth its salt needs to have a website. You don’t know how to go about getting one, so you have to find someone to do it for you.

Well, that’s a great way out, but it doesn’t mean you should be totally blind to the design process. As your web design expert works, you should be able to see the progress of your site. Also, you need to have an idea of what you are looking for as the final product. Here are some of the key elements to include.

Visual Appeal

The first thing which happens when you land on a website’s home page is to note how it looks. How your site appears will form the first impression on visitors. Insist on a simple layout which seeks to offer an immediate solution to the person visiting.

Friendly colours which are of relevance to the product should be used. The different sections should be displayed in a simple and organised manner.


What happens when you tap a particular button on the website? The action that the said button is supposed to perform should happen immediately. Just as customers don’t want to keep asking the same question in a store, they detest buttons which have to be tapped over and over.

Mobile Adaptability

In 2019, the mobile is the primary internet access device. Your designer should ensure that your site fits perfectly to all kinds of mobile devices; otherwise, you’ll lose a huge chunk of traffic.

Turnaround Time

Your site should load fast. This will require reliable hosting and, again, a site with simplicity. Poor loading time is the reason most people avoid some websites.

These are just a few key elements to look for in web design. As it progresses, other factors such as SEO and conversion come into play.